Household Alpha Financial Planning

Through our unique Household Alpha approach, we harness the power of financial planning techniques with the goal of providing measurable value to your household's bottom line. With financial planning at our core, we go beyond the returns your investment portfolio to deliver real added value, focusing on the effective management and mitigation of risk, cost, and taxes.

Household Alpha

We especially focus on what we call "Household Alpha" – the opportunity to capture measurable value beyond the returns of an investment portfolio. Tenet Wealth Partners’ Household Alpha provides our clients with financial planning strategies that help them grow and protect their wealth. We do this by looking at:

Tax Minimization

Tax-loss Harvesting

Asset Location

Tax Bracket Management

Tax-efficient Retirement Distribution Strategies

Tax-advantaged Savings Strategies

Gifting & Wealth Transfer Strategies

Philanthropic Giving Strategies

Cost Savings

Life & LTC Insurance Cost-Benefit Analysis

Investment Cost Analysis & Management

Professional Services Cost Analysis

Cash Flow Planning & Maximization

Risk Mitigation

Optimized Portfolio Diversification

Life Insurance Needs Analysis

Human Life Value Analysis

Long-term Care Insurance Needs Analysis

Asset Protection Strategies